About Citizenship Project #4


Citizenship Project round 4 (January - May 2017)

Thirteen TV stations, all CIRCOM members, are taking part in 4th edition of the Citizenship co-production project. Thanks to a grant from the European Parliament, they will produce a total of 39 stories about European matters and give a voice to the citizens of the continent, in total editorial independence.

Each of the 13 co-production members will produce three stories locally and make them available to all other CIRCOM members to broadcast. The production started in January 2017 and will last until May 2017.

Three main topics of the 4th edition of the Citizenship co-production project:

  • Big cities
    sub-themes: Mobility – (Un)Employment – Start up – Uber – Health – Urbanistic – Rural exodus – Depopulation – Relations of countryside inhabitants with cities


  • Future
    sub-themes: 60 years of the Rome Treaty: what’s next – EU Citizenship – Gender – Digital natives – Pension – Aging – Health– (Un)Employment – Start up – Innovation in agriculture


  • Borderlines
    sub-themes: Russia – Turkey – Syria – Ukraine – EU Army – Territorial Defense – Refugees – Communities – Cross border cooperation – Ocean – Neighborhood policies – Exodus abroad – Schengen

The fourth round of the project was kickstarted on December 16th 2016 as members held their first editorial meeting.

Watch the outcome of the first editorial meeting, held in Brussels on December 16th, 2016.


The Citizenship project has been running successfully from 2013. Appart from the current round 4, there were 3 previous rounds of the project:

The entire collection of stories produced within the project is available to all CIRCOM Regional members, free of charge, in order to have a wide European broadcasting of the material. The project has reached till now more than 30 million viewers all across Europe. If interested in broadcasting reportages produced, contact coproduction@circom-regional.eu

It is a fact that as Regional Public Service Broadcasters are defending freedom of speech, it gives them the credibility to broadcast this kind of stories as close as possible to the European citizens. The project shows a great commitment of Regional Public Media in the public debate about the future of the European citizens!



Alexandre Pletser
Coproduction Coordinator
RTBF, Belgium
tel: +32 2 737 41 98
mob: +32 475 94 01 00
e-mail:  apl@rtbf.be,